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How do I get a Scanner and Join Scan Club?

If you're unsure about how to go forward and join Scan Club, watch this video OR message us by clicking the link on the bottom right of this page.

Why go digital?

Digital Dentistry offers a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to analog impressions with no waste or chemical insult to the environment.
Using a Digital Intraoral scanner provides consistency throughout a treatment plan from initial scan all the way to completed treatment within the same digital model.
It is a great means of patient education and patient involvement in treatment and offers simulated outcomes which are easy to follow for both patients and dentists.

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Your patients will love digital dentistry because they can SEE what you scan. It makes it easier to understand you and what your are planning.

The patient experience is much improved reducing difficulties faced with gagging and undercuts. Your patient will be your best referrer by telling their friends that you have invested in the latest technologies. The consent process is more intact as patient involvement is greatly increased with the engagement of the digital scanners in communicating findings.

Not Just a Scanner.

With the expertise of the Digital Dental Academy & the world's leading and most comprehensive digital dentistry education, you will receive expert training to make the most of your digital journey.


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