MEDIT i700

The replacement DIOS from Medit replaces the i500 with some major improvements.

The Medit i700 has no subscription cost or yearly fees.
It is 25% smaller and 12% lighter than the i500 topping out at 245 grams
It scans twice as fast as the Medit i500 (70 frames/sec versus 30 frames/sec in the i500).
The i700 allows you to scan deeper depths and 4 x colour expression quality.
The i700 claims to scan 11 microns full-arch accuracy.
With an enlarged scanning window ( 7% larger) the small profile of the scanner head is maintained and offers a reversible scanner head rotating 180 degrees if needed.

This scanner also contains a UV-C Internal LED to aid in sterilization of the inner parts of the scanner.
It has a completely detachable cable when not in use, but it is not wireless.
It can be connected to any USB 3 connection with no external power requirement
There is an improvement in capturing undercuts with the Increased mirror angle changed from 40 degrees to 45 degrees

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