Launca DL206 Review


This is the latest offering in Intra-oral scanners from the team at Launca Dental. We have been using this scanner extensively over the past few months and can truly say it’s a great entry-level scanner.

It is extremely light and portable. The scanning tips are autoclavable, and the scanner has an auto anti-fogging system built in.
It scans soft tissue very well – better than some of the high-end scanners.
The software is easy to use and are constantly updated by their R&D team, and the latest version has some AI removal of unwanted parts of the scan – eg tongue and lips are automatically cut away from the scan in real-time.
One of the biggest advantages of this scanner is that there are no subscription fees for their software.
You have the ability to export either STL or PLY formats of your scans, making the scanner completely open. The software also has some cloud-based functionality and different user registration options.

Overall, it’s a really good all-rounder and an ideal scanner to get you started in Intra-oral scanning and digital dentistry


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